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A Heart Wrenching End, A Fresh Start - 2012

Baby called me in the afternoon to ask me out.. I was delighted and was like OMG.. I am going out for New Year Countdown.. But on another hand I was thinking he is carrying a heavy bag.. Should we go out or not.. Hmm.. But in the end, baby accommodate and we met up at Whitesands.. Took a cab to Liang Court and had Crepes for lunch. The Crepes were sweet but while eating.. The sweets inside me turned to pain and sour.. I saw what I do not wish to see and it really breaks me.. Quite badly.. I trust nothing happens but It saddens me when I know when this happens, I wasn't in your mind.. And i couldnt believe u replied that word and it's a word which u should not say it to another girl. And u have never ever said it to me.. It might be an act of mischief but.. It is really not acceptable even though it might be a spam.. Since u know it is a spam.. Why even bother to reply.. Probably the imprint I made wasn't concrete enough in your heart.. I wanted to walk off.. But I decided to give us another chance.. Hopefully, this chance is cherish and I do wish to see any repeats..

The fire works are beautiful and it feels good that the guy you love is beside u.. Ya.. The crowd sucks but.. Ya.. Thanks love for accompanying me..

But nevertheless. I waited for this day for 5 years and it ended up with mixed feelings at both extreme ends.. I was elated that my dreams came through after 5 years but I was shattered too.. For what had happened.. I couldn't sleep last night as I have been thinking what went wrong.. And I had a sleepless night at the start of the year..

My eyes swell from all the crying last night.. Looks like what I always have at the last day of the year when I was alone..

I was sad.. Or rather should say disappointed for the last week of the year.. Yeah we met up for dinner I was happy but the promises were not kept as it was promised.. It's almost another 100 days.. It is still not available.. Xmas gift well.. Baby had war room so ya.. can't do much.. But Xmas is the day ppl are excited about gifts exchange.. But this year.. Ya I will receive mine later.. It's ok.. Xmas have 14 days.. So ya.. It's ok..

Today, didn't do anything much.. Download games and play and jus basically don't feel like doing anything.. Tired of the tears and ya.. I should smile as its a new year..

I look forward to 2012.. Just hope the promises that we're made will come come through~

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