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Promises are made where u are confident that it is something that u will and can do. Some ppl take it lightly while some ppl take it too seriously.. For me.. I think I am someone who takes promises seriously especially when it is someone who u really care about promises something.. That's why probably it's my character that I take somethings so seriously that resulted in myself getting upset over something which ppl think it is not important nor matters to them.. To some, they might think what's the big deal.. It's jus a promise.. No guarantee that he or she will do it.. But for me, when I promise, I will do it.. If I didn't manage to do it.. I will try my very best to fulfil it.. Some thinks I am foolish.. Some thinks why so serious.. Well.. Too bad I am jus like that..

Promises not made led to disappointments as it might be something u really look towards to.. Or something which might be small but meaningful.. When promises are made many a times and not fulfilled it leads to thinking if the next promised thing will it happen or not.. There will be some doubts on is this true or not.. Or just promising to make the other party happy..

Probably I shouldn't be too serious about promises.. We makes one like enthu and then like drop down from like many storeys when it's like not met..

Ya.. Think it should be better this way.. I won't be a nuisance to bug on promises and also won't be upset when things does not happen..

Oh ya.. Today someone said something which hurts me quite badly. So what I am obnoxious. So what if I am this or that.. So what If I emo on my FB.. Is this ur concern? Who are u to judge me.. And who are u to say me when u are also like that.. F***

Anyway.. Back to the promises thing.. Ya.. I shouldn't be so tense and take it so seriously.. Yeah.. That probably will make the world more colourful with surprises than promises..

My perspective of Promises.. Probably is something which I should learn how to accept and also forego..

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