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26 Soon

in 1 more day I will turn 26. Seems like after 21years old the numbers jumps incredibly fast. suddenly felt pretty old though and 30 seems like coming my way soon in 4 years time..


apart from work, though it isn't that that bad but just pretty sian and feel not much sense of satisfaction, I think apart from it.. life has been great for me..


I met my love and we will be spending our first birthday together.  finally after near 3.5 years, I have someone I love to spend with. Looking forward to the bday celebration.


I think I got nothing much I wanna buy le. bought a few gadgets this year. bought iPad, Sony lappy, my birthday gift of pink samsung note, bluetooth headset and today DSLR cammie.  all basically all reported 'work already. all wishes came thru, nth much to ask for already.


Looking forward to our 1st overseas trip.. I believe it will be Great Great Fun.. with Disney and shopping and great food waiting for us. hope I wish this 108 days more come faster.


hmmm.. can't say it's v short. 70 days more will be baby and I 1st anniversary.. finally can leave the monthsary word. time flies really really fast.. a lot of nice nice memories.. laughter, joys, tears, all also have.. but the happy memories we shared is something I wanna keep in my heart forever.. sounds naive when ppl says forever.. but this is what I am gonna do and remember cos all these memories we shared are irreplaceable..


hmmm..  looking forward to our future.. where we look for our love nest.. our passport to forever ever after destination.. and adding new members to our love nest.. till then, then I will feel.. my life is complete.. where the last jigsaw puzzle is pieced up.. hope these days come real real soon Co's felt I ain't young anymore..


Happy 26th Birthday to myself.. hope my balance wishes will come true soon.. hope ppl I care and love stay healthy and happy..  and baby, I thank I for appearing in my life,  making my everyday filled with love, and joy.. I love you, Kalvin..  Mackie

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