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how I ended my 26th birthday at home. it started off with a hi and ended up w a quarrel which I never anticipated. my dad somehow went in to my room at looked for my bonus letter.. and mishap was he found it. and now all the saga starts again.. he purposely left the letter opened on my cupboard.. and wanted me to go out myself and tell him how much I am getting.. so he expects me to jump like a monkey and show him how much I get.


he made his wife swear in front of the God's that whatever he said her cannot be told to me.. or else something bad will fall on her. having this kind of husband.. I rather not want.. took my mum phone say do setting.. bullshit, he took mum phone to prevent her from calling me and letting me anticipate what is happening at home..


felt so plotted out and letting me jump in to set plot. a home that doesn't feel home anymore.. full of traps and pit holes.. I rather jump down the flat then stepping on to all these holes again..


have to experience this once a year.. v tiring.. just less than hours.. u can't even give this to me.. why don't u allow me bring smiles to sleep on my birthday..  why let me end up in tears on my birthday.. why?


u only saw the present how much I am getting. do u know the expenses Incurred a month? saying back.. why am I paying for things I seldom or rarely use.. unreasonable right.. so on top of what I am giving u a month. have u tot of how much in total I am forking out a month?


u say I should share my joy of money to u.. to make it simple.  u wanted me to share my money w u.. sad... only money joy can share.. have u ever wanted to know how I am doing.. was I happy or sad.. No.. u never asked..


I feel like moving out and I know it is not out of impulse.. I have been tolerating and giving in these few years.. I had enough.


I don't hate people.. but I won't make u an exception.. seriously.. ur actions irked me

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