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出现了问题吗?I ain't sure about it also. I know it's not possible Co's we are living so far apart.. if this is leading to an argument after asking me to say.. in future, 我还敢说吗?the more I say, the more in turn it becomes My fault..


2 souls together.. shouldn't it be listen, and evaluate together? now it seems like I have said something wrong again..


10 months together.. have I 'DEMANDED u to sent me home? if this really really matters to me.. I would have make a hell lot of noise.. and keep on repeating in this issue.. but have I heave a Single whisper about it? I never..


yes, I wish u were by My side just now.. but at the station, I also ask u to go back first..  I.know is too much to ask u to go home with me.. I also nv ask paya lebar also.. cos I understand u go back late and ur mummy don't like..


I haven't say finish ur first comment was 'not I want also. i also know u want de.. but have you finish listening what I wanna say?


now.. My feet aches.. My heart, hurts too.. I wanted some love and concern.. or some caring words.. but after half saying My tots which u wanted to know, it leads to another argument..


还是不说好了!I learnt My lesson..


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