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it's been a year.. time flies.. really fast.. how it started still remains clearly in my mind.. nothing v fancy but memorable that Baby picked me up from the airport, sent me home and on our way home after supper, didn't recall if he asked but very confirmly is no.. haha.. held my hand and we became and item.


This year, has been nice for me.. some hiccups here and there but we walked through and still staying strong.. in general I feel 幸福. which couple has no hiccups. at the minimum I know we have not had an official major quarrel before..


had fun times w Baby boy.. went a lot of different places which I never go before. eat a lot of different food ..tried roller coaster for the first time of my life.  went museums for the first time.. tried nice hawker food at old kallang airport..  when to flowers at Sentosa, went Universal studio, our movie marathons..  our stomach and belly button vibrating sessions, and yesterday something new.. our painting session together.. and ya, we are going for our first overseas trip and have booked our wedding Photoshoots for next year.

we do have unhappy times but let's put it behind us and more forward to the next year. Happy times will overwrite those times where we are angry, upset or disappointed with each other..


next year, hope will be good or even better than this year.. looking forward to our first trip together ♥ gonna have fun know Hong Kong.. with the food and the shopping woohooo....


Anyway, Happy 1st Anniversary Baby love.. I cherish our relationship and love you a lot.. hope we can last forever ♥ 我爱你..



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