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I should be happy for you that you got a better pay job where probably you should be happier, with less workload, less stress, no war rooms... but somehow inside me I don't know why I cried and feel depressed.. 你还真了解我,知道我难过。


Don't wanna tell you cos I don't wanna affect your decision.. your future is in your hands not mine, I wish that the best is for you but... I cannot be selfish...


Thinking that I see u lesser makes me tear.. cos I cherish and love the time we spent together.. true enough that we still meet during weekends... 或许,I am just to the daily thing.. making me v dependent on you.. that this is a daily affair.


anyway, I am gonna see u forever in future and this should probably be over in 3 - 4 Years till the time we live together.. 时间还过的真慢。 seems like future is so far far far away...


Hai,  不哭了,being silly again.. 或许我把未来看得太重了,我越想快,但却快不了。。 还是随着时间走吧。。或许未来的缘分还没到╮(╯_╰)╭




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