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Undescribable Feeling

After the phone call. the 每天看不会 sianx.mehx? that sentence.. pierced through v deep inside me.. I can feel the ache every breath I taking in after the phone call.. 有心碎的感觉. this line quite cruel.. held back my tears before hanging up the phone.. I tried my best not to tear during the conversation..


Hai..  probably is my fault.  Why did I wanna ask.. not for me to worry also.. think too much liaox.  silly me. 我想信缘分,那就随缘吧,what will come will come.. what doesn't.. so be it..


Finally come to realise.. 我还真的很烦。since I have upgrade to the irritating stage. I shall not heave a word.. you say I don't understand.. actually I do.. but since this will irritate u. regardless it is irritating or not irritating or u can accept a certain level of irritation, I will not heave a since heave a single word of it.. u think I feel good doing this.. I feel I so desperate to get married. so be it.. I don't say, u wont feel irritated.. better this way?


Anyway, a lot of things not done ahead.. house dunno  when get.. Taiwan shoot dunno will postponed or not.. hopefully now.. other things not planned. think so far for what.. the more I ask.. the more forward I look upon.. the more daze I get.. might as well let time piece you one by one.. then I wont irritate anyone..


还真是口不对心。though i wish things are plan ahead and  now I shall not talk about it.. think so much also no point..  so many things not as smooth as it seems. Housing is a pain in the ass.. without this, i think others can drop idea le. moreover, it takes 2 hands to clap.. I can't be the one always pushing.  probably the other party does not like it.. this case, I rather be a follower..



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