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2013.1.4 - Proposal

Today, Baby proposed to me.. still super happy about it that today is finally the day. before the proposal, we had lunch at sakae sushi and then head down to vivo and we caught a movie call Taxi taxi..  can't say fabulous but want that bad..


After roaming around for about 45min, we head to mount faber. we cab up at walking seems pretty impossible.. then we walk around for a while.. took some pictures before we walked up to the bistro and have our dinner.. then something strange happened Since 6pm. Dear's friend one by one text me one alphabet.. which piece up to.. WILL YOU... then just nice 7pm the last text came.. then Baby asked for flowers and asked me will I marry him.. of course I say want la.. lol. 


under the nice scenery we had moomoo and chatted a lil..  simple yet make me happy proposal.. I feel So blissful..


I rmb when I was young.. I always tell mum that dunno will ppl ever Marry me cos I ugly.. but now.. I can brush away these Tot..


It's near 18 months for isn't. another achievement.. next up.. is our hdb booking and our wedding photoshoot tour package booking.. oh my.. So many nice things are happening..


And Baby, Thanks for making this day happened.. hope our relationship will be stronger and also never will we part if anything happens.. and don't break my heart.. I love u.. mackie..

the ring


the flowers and me


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